Well the poll was fun! According to the results (see end of this post) it is a GO for this design!

Comes with lots of pieces and prims so you can wear it how you like. Also included is a modesty layer for the top if aren’t ready to go all the way ;)


Hair: Panache
Skin: Diversity
Shoes/Prim Feet: Style Starts Here

You can find this design in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and right HERE online at my Apez Storefront
Poll Results:
17% =
-Not my style but I would buy it and/or reccommend it for/to someone else

13% =
-I would totally wear and/or buy that design
-Blame it on the a a a a… and/or put the vodka down & step away from the sewing machine, Amber!
-Wait… Amber has vodka???

8% =
-eeeeeeee! I Looooooooove it!!!!!
-would not be caught dead (or alive for that matter) in that outfit

4% =
-Cool! But I also want it in (insert favorite colors here)

0% =
-Its just so… ME! *sobs!*

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