PVC Catsuits

You might remember that red hot and slick Hand Drawn catsuit I made for the 7 Sins fashion show. The show didn’t happen, but everyone loved my Lust Sin offering nevertheless ;)

My mentor Simone Stern (of Simone! Designs & Style Starts Here) gave me kudos for that design (eeee! yaaay!) and hinted I might do well to boost the contrast and offer the suit in black and hot pink.

So: done and done!

Just as with the original, you get this design on all layers for maximum versatility, and with scripted matching crop. AND! You can get all three in a nicely discounted FatPack :)

La Noire & La Pinke

LaNoireFM LaPinkeFM CatsuitFatPackFMjpg
Hair/Skin: Diversity
Shoes: Style Starts Here
Cleavage: Rhonda Pennell
Attitude: Ambergris Deadly Fashions

You can find these designs and oh so much more in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions: they are also TRANSFER and make wonderful gifts!
enjoy :)

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