Up in the Attic: SALE!

Upstairs at Ambergris Deadly Fashions you can find the Menswear Department and L-shaped section chock full of footwear, dresses, gowns, top & trou and more.

I happen to have put a huge section of that merchandise on sale at rock bottom prices!

Go for the Gold: Anything with the gold panels behind it will be on sale, and you can snap up some darling designs for you and someone else.
Yes most of the outfits on sale are TRANSFER.

So run don’t walk: pay a visit to ADF and see if you can’t find a delicious little treasure trove of goodies ;)

There is a TP available at the entrance in case you just can’t spare the time to scurry up the staircase *giggles!*

See you in world! hey… and tell a friend or two! This is the perfect time to try out Ambergris Deadly Fashions if you have not already :D

Click HERE to teleport or use my profile picks: Happy Shopping!

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