LL Gets Greedy: Designers Ditch

Linden Lab has decided to implement listing fees on XStreet.

As near as I can tell from hearsay and picking up a thread or two on linden blog and elsewhere, they plan to institute a 10L per listing, per month fee.

So basically on top of the percentage they already take from each sale, you will be paying for the privilege of having your items listed on the website.

It does not seem like much, but if you are (or were) like me and you had 200 some listings, and I know many who have/had twice that and more: do the math. It adds up.

So like many of my fellow designers and content creators, I am ditching XStreet and going to much friendlier and greener pastures.

Enough is enough already. And right in the middle of a global economic recession too. Shiny brass ones LL has, you think?


Places To Go:

Wonderful application. I love it! I reminds me of Onrez. And it has a nice vendor feature too, so you can set up your things on the web and then place a vendor in world full of whatever items you chose with just a few clicks.

Looks ok so far. I’ll be listing there for the first time.
Be aware that the site will be a bit slow as people flood in from XStreet.

Again this looks pretty ok to me. I will be listing with them too for the first time. And they are nice enough to give a “XStreet Refugee” special too, as a nice welcome.

Not sure about this one, I am checking it out.
I only have so much time to devote to listing things, so I may just stick with Apez and Slapt if it comes down to a time crunch.


And if you want to ditch XStreet as the place you use for currency exchange as well, may I introduce you to ELDEX Exchange.

Great people, excellent customer service and multiple currencies available: Euro, USD, British Pounds and Swiss Francs.  The site also has many languages available, so you can read everything in your native tongue :)

I have only sold lindens on that site, but would feel just as happy and comfy to buy there should the need ever arise.


I am showing my support for resident run enterprises, and also showing my disgust at Linden Lab and their greed. When I look around me in RL, and companies are bending over backwards to accommodate people in these tough financial times, it just floors me to see LL going the opposite direction.

This is the time to be giving discounts, and specials and reducing costs for clients and customers, not adding to the burden of trying to stay afloat.

As a consumer/shopper/fashionista, I do hope that you support your local designers and content creators by signing up on those sites, so you CAN still shop online and do as you did on XStreet.

Not everyone is ditching, but your favorite shop owner might be, so take a few minutes out of you schedule and get to know those other places to shop. And as always you know you can get whatever you want ~ and usually much more ~ at their shops in world. Be supportive!


Feel free to comment, rant, add more information or whatever you like in comments here on this blog. They are moderated, but I will post all I get (within reason).

I understand that elsewhere people have been deleted and “moderated to death”, so if you need a place to say your piece: this is it. (try to keep the swearing to a minimum, I know it is hard, but I managed to do it with only a couple rewrites. ok 5 or 6 lol)

See you in world, and Long Live Designers in Second Life!


The following is how I got all my listings off of SLX, but if anyone knows a better/easier way, please post. I know many are asking how to do this, so they can avoid getting charged.

Because you WILL get charged if you leave ANY item in that database when the implementation of this program begins.

1. I deleted all my items out of all my magic boxes.
2. Then set all my listings on the site to status: Inactive. Which rendered them in a long list on the left hand side of the page.
3. Then I clicked Edit on each one and scrolled down and hit the delete button. (so much fun! I did that over 200 times O.o)
4. Once everything was listed at Zero (no items found etc), I clicked Remove on the magic boxes list.
5. Then I deleted my all magic boxes from in world.

4 responses to “LL Gets Greedy: Designers Ditch

  1. Hey Amber, thanks for the info. I was AFK when you posted the link to this in your group conference, but just got back and read it. I’d heard there was something going on, but wasn’t sure just what it was yet…and that really stinks. I personally would highly recommend Metaverse Exchange. I’ve been a beta tester since shortly after it opened the beta, and now it’s open fully. The persons who run it are very responsive to concerns and very involved with getting everyone’s feedback to make it the side XstreetSL SHOULD have been. Be sure to check out the forums on Metaverse Exchange (MVX) for help on getting started.

  2. Well if anyone needed more proof that LL only want its residents for their money this is it. LL makes millions of dollars every day and yet its run on a havoc 4 engine which LL only “upgraded” to as its free. In every way LL has shown their greed and doesn’t care about the economic climate as its not affected by it.

    Other platforms are coming up on the horizon and SL’s days as top dog are numbered.

    Support your fellow residents and take all your items off X-Street as the only way to show LL your unhappy is to hit them in their wallets.

  3. Thanks for the info. I recently started paying for search listing so my little store would get exposure and wondered about XStreet as a possible extra service. I think I’ll stick to in-world for now.

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