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Hand Drawn design done up in vintage Vegas showgirl style.
Violet for Vanity: Proud Purple Peacock Plumage.

Features jeweled accents, flexy feathered headdress and tail feathers, sexy thigh bands ;)
Makes a great costume!

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Stunning red sequin gown with matching gloves and  semi-sheer stole.

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This dress has textures taken from an ancient Japanese painting, which includes kanji for happiness and long life.

Features matching gloves, and ankle length skirt with semi-sheer panels.

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Bold menswear design!
Peek-a-boo jacket top, meshed shirt with semi-sheer panels, matching trousers. Mix and match: wear it how you want it ;)
Plenty of silver hardware on deliciously deep dark textures

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A Cool Visitor

I really love it when I come across someone who has blogged about my store :)

I very rarely remember to send out my new designs or blog url or anything to the fashionista bloggers, so is a wonderful treat to see my store through the eyes of someone just wandering around the grid.

Click HERE to see! You may need to use the translation link on the upper left of the page if you issues wakarimasen nihongo *giggles*

But then pictures speak a thousand words, and for once it is nice to see someone who has their lighting settings done right ;)

Domo Arigato!


A beautiful dress done up in stained glass textures.

Features a bodice with semi-sheer panels, a matching sleeveless vest, deliciously tiered flex skirt and flexi armlet sleeves.
Wear a rose garden!

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Bold new menswear at Ambergris Deadly Fashions!
I get gently (and not so gently!) nagged to create more menswear, so I am happy to oblige when I can ;)

This Hand Drawn suit features a white button down shirt coupled with silver buttoned vest. Brocade jacket with both system and flex prim tails options and matching trousers.

This design is available in Black and also in Red. Inspired by the outfit worn by the character The Trickster in the 1994 movie Brainscan.

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This sexy design features peek-a-boo skirt, semi-sheer floating flexy skirt, matching flex sleeves, and a bustier that will make you just purrrrrrr!

Part of the Ambergris 2009 Fall Collection.

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