Most who know me, understand that I get my inspiration and ideas for my designs from… well.. almost anywhere ;) Including my dreams, my Muse, television, movies, RL fashion icons, people walking down the street etc.

This design was inspired by experiencing the unique way in which Robin Cook heralded the publishing of his latest novel: Foreign Body. He had the prequel (events leading up to where his novel begins) filmed and available in weekly installments to be viewed on the web. You can check them out HERE, and grab the novel at your favorite bookstore :)

The gown features lush textures inspired from the novel’s dichotomy of the back and forth and intrigue from India to Santa Monica. And I hoped to capture the beauty of the main character as well.

The tiered skirt floats around you as you move, and you can see this design make its debut on the Runway at my Funky Formals Fashion Show this Saturday 5pm SLT


Hair/Skin: Diversity
Cleavage: Rhonda Pennell

Available at Ambergris Deadly Fashions, on XStreet SL and

Reminder: As of August 2009 my new permissions are Mod/Copy only. Please contact Ambergris Baphomet for gifts or use the gifting systems on my XStreet and Apez Storefronts.

Mark Those Calendars!
Funky Formals Fashion Show
Saturday August 22nd 5pm SLT
See you on the Runway!

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