This fun set comes with lots of layered options for maximum versatility!
You get a cute lil belted red blouse, capri style pants with matching criss-cross pullover on jacket layer.

FREE skirt included: why not? ;)


Hair: Calico
Skin: Diversity
Shoes/Prim Feet: Style Starts Here

Grab this delish design (and much, much more!) in the New Items Area at Ambergris Deadly Fashions
Store News:
1. As of August 2009 my clothing permissions will be Mod/Copy/NO Transfer
~You can still give gifts: Contact me and/or use the gift systems on my Apez and XStreet storefronts.
~Not to mention the half a million designs out in my store that will take me forever (if ever) to change to the new permissions.
Get them while you can! *giggles!*

2. UPDATED Ambergris logo and sales box frame
~My mentor Simone Stern and I were on the same page when during a recent phone call she told me I had to “grow up” and change my “oh I am a noobie designer” mind set. I agree!
~You can see the new box frame here and check out the new logo at my main store and various vendor locations.
Likey? No Likey? Let me know: feedback is always appreciated!

3. Store remodel is complete!
~This is also a result of that phone call ;) There is a better ease of flow, more open main area; some intimate nooks, and I merged the Menswear Dept with the upper level balcony guest designers vendor area.
~The Wall of Fame and NO Shame has its own level above the Top & Trou/Skimpies Dept complete with dances and slideshows of the AmbergrisAddicts showing off in my designs :D
~I also retextured the floors and walls, but that may change as I continue to hunt for the perfect look and feel.
Stop on by! Again feedback is welcome :)

4. This month’s ADF Fashion Shows
Mark those calendars! The ADF Runway has also been updated and remodeled!
~Friday August 14th 2pm SLT: ADF Presents Potpourri, designs by Heidi Hammerer. Devoted AmbergrisAddict and Diva Designer Extraordinaire!
~ Saturday August 22nd 5pm SLT: ADF Fashion Show featuring funky formal wear for ladies and gentlemen.
See you on the Runway!


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