Salsa-ready dancing design! Slick shiny detailed textures, itty bitty shorts-as-skirt, twirly whirly, bouncy flouncy flexi skirt!

Reinforced bustier cups to hold things in place while you shake those pixels ;)

Have FUN


Hair: Calla
Skin: Diversity
(cleavage by Rhonda Pennell)
Shoes/Prim Feet: Style Starts Here

You can find this dress in the New Items Area at Ambergris
Mark Those Calendars!
Ambergris Deadly Fashions will be featured next Monday, July 27th, on the MODA Spotlight Show!

You can be there ~ 7:30pm SLT ~  in the brand new runway studio as the fashion show is filmed LIVE by TreetTV (formerly SLCN TV)!

There will be a lively eclectic showcase of ADF Fashion, and even a design debut! For more information stay tuned (subscribe!) to this blog and/or check out the 2009 Fashion Shows link on upper menu bar.

See you on the Runway!


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