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Lamia Essex: Dita Von Teese Challenge

Press Release ~ July 7th 2009 ~ Save This Link For Updates ~ Press Release

I am very pleased and excited to bring to you a series of special designs! The lovely and mysterious Transylvanian Royal Lamia Essex challenged me to create something that included the glamour and sexy-demureness of burlesque performer and model: Dita Von Teese.

Being a fan myself of Dita and her timeless yet retro style I was all set to fire up the sewing machine and see what I could come up with. After a few false starts (me the Queen of Skimpies had trouble with that 1940’s hemline length hehe!) and much feedback from Lamia, I finally was able to channel Dita and now have some lovely dress sets for you :)

Of COURSE the Lovely Lamia had to model them for me!

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