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Another fun Ambergris Dancing Design!

This one features a semi-sheer flouncy flexy top with matching bouncy flirty skirt. Shorts-as-skirt feature allows to you show off those abs as you dance the night away ;)

Truly delish!

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Salsa-ready dancing design! Slick shiny detailed textures, itty bitty shorts-as-skirt, twirly whirly, bouncy flouncy flexi skirt!

Reinforced bustier cups to hold things in place while you shake those pixels ;)

Have FUN

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Group Freebie: Dora

Sometimes I get distracted from my planned palette of Designs-To-Do, and my Muse takes over and….

A totally unexpected design gets created ;)

Shimmering golden sheath dress! So I decided to add a lil bolero jacket and go with the flow. A gift for my AmbergrisAddicts Group and ADF Notification Crew.

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Hey Baby

Adorable babydoll dress! Have to just love the lacey detailed top with plunging neckline ;) The filmy flirty semi-sheer flex skirt completes the look.

Available in red and also in black

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Inspired and named for friend and (0h so sexy!) ADF Elite Model Keira “Kiki” Tyles. She is a fan of the color Pink, and looks stunning in all my minis.

You will adore this design too! Detailed textures, sexy strappy top, jagged hemline on belted skirt. No pesky prims to get in the way of your curves ;) Available in Blue as well as Pink.

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Stunning retro styled formal gown. Features semi-sheer bolero jacket with flexy sleeve cuffs, over a dramatic and detailed dress.

Mermaid tail flex skirt with hints of lace complete the look. Sexy peek-a-boo side slit on the skirt when you leave those prims behind.

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Simple, Elegant and timeless. Silk blouse with stylish pencil skirt. No pesky prims to get in the way of your luscious curves ;)

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Lamia Essex: Dita Von Teese Challenge

Press Release ~ July 7th 2009 ~ Save This Link For Updates ~ Press Release

I am very pleased and excited to bring to you a series of special designs! The lovely and mysterious Transylvanian Royal Lamia Essex challenged me to create something that included the glamour and sexy-demureness of burlesque performer and model: Dita Von Teese.

Being a fan myself of Dita and her timeless yet retro style I was all set to fire up the sewing machine and see what I could come up with. After a few false starts (me the Queen of Skimpies had trouble with that 1940’s hemline length hehe!) and much feedback from Lamia, I finally was able to channel Dita and now have some lovely dress sets for you :)

Of COURSE the Lovely Lamia had to model them for me!

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