June Fashion Show

The annual Ambergris Skimpies Fashion Show had to be rescheduled and everything is now a go!

The ADF Elite Models will be strutting their pixels on the NEW ADF Runway this Saturday, June 27th at 6pm SLT.

The usual mayhem will ensue: flesh-baring designs, runway surprises, rabid AmbergrisAddicts trying to get their fix, and oh well much much more! You will just have to Be There to find out ;)

Oh and of course The Shopping Wall will be in effect ~ any designs you see working the catwalk, can be purchased On The Spot. Meet and Greet (the models!) and Party after show as usual.

See you on the Runway!



Feel free to pass this link along:
get the word out on this not-t0-be-missed event!
IM me or post here (first and last SL name is helpful!) to get your one prim full perm Invitation/Show Poster/LM Giver for you land, friends, groups etc.

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