The Future of the Forums

During the comments from this Linden Blog Post, the rumor that LL is looking into shutting down the forums reared its multi-faceted head.

Catherine Linden says: No changes to the current forums… except to archive (read only!) them and stick them in some 2nd rate area were nobody will be able to find them anyway.

Blue Linden says: NO the forums are not going to be meddled with and we should all go out and play. (I love Blue, his years dealing with the Teen Grid do tend to leak out onto us adults *giggles!*)

But seriously. Who do you believe? I for one have been around way too long to kick back and feel all is well when the Lindens start talking about the forums.

Things to consider:

1. LL constantly count on there being fewer and fewer “oldbies” and “midbies” around to realise how much they have already taken away from us ~ so when they meddle and fix what is not broken, there are fewer people to realize what is actually going on.

2. LL will do whatever it want to do, no matter how we feel about it. Think not? Just look at the track record.

3. We are the only forums in the known netiverse that do not have BBcode for forums. Why? Exactly two years ago (2 years!!) in June Torley Linden stated the links were taken offline to deal with some sort of security risk. They were never returned to us; and there was never any word on that security problem, or if it had been fixed or anything at all. (track record, see?)

Unfortunately in my case as a “midbie” (born in 2005), LL’s plan is working well. I am just too tired of fighting to kick up any sort of fuss. Even though it break my heart to think about such places as New Items, Building/Texturing/Scripting Tips and so on just going away.

Just as recently as yesterday and earlier this past week, I pointed some people to the forums to look for the information they needed. There you can ask questions, get feedback, browse thru stickied posts and generally add to the richness of your SL experience.

If you just arrive on the scene now, you have no idea how even stripped down the forums already are from times in the past. And now we have two Lindens saying opposite things in regards to the future of the forums.

I am the eternal optimist: glass half full and all that. But mark my words, I will be surprised if LL keep its grubby fingers off the forums. Look for more changes (for the worse). Maybe the younger set, or those older residents who still have the heart to kick up a fuss can perhaps save our forums.

What say you? As I mentioned in my Previous Post about proposed UI changes, I am here make sure you know what is going on, and how LL’s changes may hurt/help your business or your SL life in general.

Again feel free to comment here, pass this post along etc. I can only do what I can, but I am weary of the fight. Maybe others can take up the banner.

Thank you for listening



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