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A wonderful Ambergris Dancing Design! This is a sister-dress to the 2006 Bidi Bidi Bom Bom; my tribute to Selena.

Ruffled textures on the kerchief top, shorts and tortured prim flexi flounce. Prim sleeves complete the look

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This brand new addition to the Ambergris Skimpies Collection made its SL debut on the ADF Runway last Saturday

Subtle animal prints, pixel-baring “top”, teeny tiny shorts-as-skirt with side slits and flexy matching loin cloths. Rawr!

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I had a wonderful time at Saturday’s Skimpies Show! This new design goes a little bit in the opposite direction, but it is lovely just the same :)

Retro sexy-demure, detailed textures, tortured flex prims for the train skirt

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Group Freebie

Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues? Oh yes there is! I gave this cute lil dress to both the AmbergrisAddicts Group and those signed up on the ADF Notification Sytem as well.

Showing my appreciation to their dedication to the ADF motto of Shop HARDER and for their shopping and donation support for my recent RL situation with medical bills. The Groupies ROCK! I love them :)

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June Fashion Show

The annual Ambergris Skimpies Fashion Show had to be rescheduled and everything is now a go!

The ADF Elite Models will be strutting their pixels on the NEW ADF Runway this Saturday, June 27th at 6pm SLT.

The usual mayhem will ensue: flesh-baring designs, runway surprises, rabid AmbergrisAddicts trying to get their fix, and oh well much much more! You will just have to Be There to find out ;)

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Bold babydollesque dress with strappy halter style top.
Striking gold floral textures.

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Phaedra Set

Two dyed denim skirts: one Pink! one Blue! Button accents
Black ruffled shirt completes this set

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Celice Set

Fun Summer Top & Trou Set!
Bolero style jacket, form-fitting bustier, matching belted capris. Hand Drawn Design.
Comes with a pair of FREE shoes!

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