What Is Going On?

Well there is always a lot going on at Ambergris! I started out in 2005 creating mostly gothy-sexy designs and learning may way around the SL fashion biz.

Dying to get your hands on some vintage Ambergris Wear? Hop on over to the Ambergris Outlet and shop and save! Ballgowns, tshirts, menswear unisex and more. Discounted pricing and even a few freebies ;)


I started getting interested and seeing what else I could do, so I branched out a little bit and now there is something for just about everyone. I remember my first foray into menswear was a custom order from a friend. I insisted that I “could not do” menswear and he insisted on having his vintage tuxedo for his wedding.

With his encouragement, help from my mentor (Simone Stern) I completed the design. It remains today one of my best sellers and classical ADF Formal: The Immortal Lover Tuxedo.


I now have a full menswear line from formal to casual to skimpy. And in recent tinkerings with my main store, created a whole menswear department. It is really amazing what journeys you go on in SL!

Many newer designers on the scene have not gone through the transition from “static” to flex wear. Lucky them! But also lucky for me there is a wonderful place called the New Citizens Inc where I was able to pick up classes (all free!) and learn more building and other things. (I am not sure if many are aware, that adding flex essentially turns a skirt upside down. It is not a simple matter of just adding flex to the existing prims. You have to start from scratch and build an entirely new skirt.)

Having passed that transition ~ and indeed I am known for the “danceability” of my formal gown flex skirts ~ I looked for other things try. I have built furniture (with awesome poses from Bits N’ Bobs!) including animated bathing tubs, gothic thrones and grecian style seating.

I also dabble in making hair and have the AmberStrands Hair Salon on my land. While no competition for fulltime hair designers, my styles do have that particular Ambergrisishness that many people love.

Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com

Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com

I have also played around with making poses. I do not use Poser (I took one look at that application and started to cry lol), but instead found a wonderful in world device called The Mannequin that is AmberProof (no crying!) and quite a joy to use.

I am now able to create any static pose I may need for modeling, vendor pics and so on. I also have poses I have created for sale inside the Hair Salon. It is a lot of fun! My latest were a set of quirky poses for well… anything you can imagine I guess ;)

AmberAnimsSIGN AABallGownPoseSIGN AATableauxSign

And speaking of poses for modeling, I have resurrected the ADF Runway and hope to dust off my models and get to doing fashion shows again. Exciting!

For those gothic brides: I have a bridal line called Dark Weddings that is a wide selection of formalwear for that (or any!) special occasion. Including suits, matching wedding party collections and access to wedding planners, accessories (housing, jewelry etc).

For more information and looks on what you can expect to find at Ambergris Deadly Fashions please use the following links. You can also join my group (AmbergrisAddicts) and/or click the round sign to join the notification group at my store entrance.

Please do grab the Gift Bag, feel free to leave a message via IM and/or the answering machine on the wall at entrance! Do not forget to say hello to Kim my Shop Assistant ;) (you can leave messages with her too!)

See you in world!



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