Anti-Content Creator Update

This is a rant. This is also an open letter to Linden Lab. This is regarding the latest update on the SL viewer. (I am on the RC viewer version 1.23.1) I had been away from SL for just about a month, and when I returned, I had to load in the latest version in order to log into SL.

I was apalled.

Linden Lab has an unfortunate track record of implementing policies and making changes that have not been very friendly to content creators. I cannot understand why this has been the trend, and the latest changes to the UI eclipse anything that they have done in the past years.


What wasn’t broken that got “fixed”:

1. Moving the Edit feature to the second level of the pie menu.

Why?? Grabbing items is pretty much what we do every day in SL. Forget about being a content creator, we use Edit to move furniture, adjust our hair and other attachments etc etc etc.

Why would you move this heavily used feature? I cannot figure out any good reason for this. Anyone?

1a. The ability to minimize the bottom half of the edit box: GONE

Why?? Busy builders and creators need to be able to expand and contract this window, so they can access their inventory and other things on screen/on the UI with ease. I tell you again: no good reason for this. Was the More button so hard to figure out?

2. Creating clothes in appearance: completely fubared

WTF is all this pop ups asking me to save on every action I take? Let me explain why this is so troublesome.

In the past:

I could put on an outfit previously made. (so as to keep my permissions) I go into appearance, and apply the new shirt, skirt etc tgas to what I’m wearing. I then hit Create New Outfit and tada I have a new folder with the new outfit nice and neat in my inventory. Complete with my permissions etc all that is needed is to rename to the new design. Done and Done.


I have to strip naked, go into appearance. Create a brand new shirt, skirt etc from scratch. Every time I apply the new tgas to each piece of the design, I have to stop and save. When I have the new outfit done in inventory, I have to set the permissions as well as rename. Then I have to go back and delete the left over New Shirt, New Skirt etc sitting in my Clothing folder.

Good grief.

It is almost as if the person who decided on these changes has never spend any time in Second Life; has never built anything or made any clothing.

I also feel for the educators in SL. They have curriculum painstakingly created to teach how to build and make clothing and other content, using the UI that has been extant for the past years.

These changes are major and would cause plenty of hassle for the instructors to have to redo their curriculae.

3. The giant IM and Group IM window is back.

*sniffles* Why?? I have tried to resize it down to something more manageable. No can do. This change in the past, was one of the main reasons I switched to the RC viewer in the first place.


Someone please tell me that these changes are going to be corrected. Someone please tell me that Linden Lab is listening to its customers.

If anyone has a Linden pal, please send this to them. Or forward this to an LL email address that you know gets attention. I am at a loss. It was hard enough to come back after being on haitus, and having to play catchup with my business, and now all of this madness.

Feel the same way? Happy? Sad? Angry? Cheerful? Feel free to add your feelings as comments to my post.

For those of us designers, educators and builders who create many items every day, and are busy trying to do what we love: I feel for you, and you have my support.


7 responses to “Anti-Content Creator Update

  1. #1 made me scream. It is irritating to make that extra click to get to the edit/detach options. And trying to get used to that is no fun either when appearance mode is in the way.

    #2 is the worst. I usually just go through changing textures for everything and then hit “save all” at the end. But grrrr it’s not that simple anymore :( I feel your pain with all the save pop-ups.

    I haven’t noticed #3 until you pointed it out but the first two changes are by far the most annoying ones for me

  2. Do a search in the jira, and vote/add your input!

    For instance, you probably want to vote both on and , there are also user created files to fix the pie menu to get it back right away.

  3. carolineapollo

    1. It looks like a fix is pending.

    1a. please add your vote

    Since LL seems to fix things that get a lot of votes, we need all we can get here.

  4. *hugs Ambergris:)
    well I can say that these changes are very worrisome, however you may continue to use versions 1.21 and 1.22 of the viewer for quite some time…after all, 1.23 is a release candidate and perhaps not the best choice for everyday work o.O
    I also would like to suggest the Cool Viewer to you, which is an enhanced version of SL with a few additional features, and is available in different versions, even going back to without the Windlight additions:) the web site is
    I hope this helps you a little bit dear:) Love, Rhonda

  5. Merrie Zwanger

    Thank you for the heads-up on this. I will send this to our development team. I teach SL basics and having to change my clothing tutorials would be a royal pain if this sticks. And it will chase away people who enjoy playing with textures before making a committment to a piece of mesh clothing.

  6. I managed 100 programmers for a 1 Billion real dollar company. Where was the BETA test ? I have seen programmer changes such as these destroy a business. I want Linden Lab to succeed. Fire the manager that let this happen and put fear into everybody around him/her.

    Run to the competition to show the executives they are also in danger of being unemployed.


    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

  7. Thanks everyone for your replies both here and in world. I will vote on the jira things even though I have my own opinions about that system.
    (case in point, I read that it took a mere 23 votes for some of these “fixes” to be made. uhh derrr)-aren’t there over 1mill users? Makes one think…

    Also think about this: LL’s tendency to NOT implement options and choices with changes.
    For example, the More/Less feature. Why not make it a choice to have it or not have it?

    I had the same issue with windlight. All or nothing. (Bless you Rho for giving me back the option to do without that!)

    I am still reeling from the whole burying the Edit feature… That has to be the biggest blunder the Lab has made to date. Or at least since 2005 when I popped on the scene.

    Content Creators, Educators, Commercial Enterprise: unite!

    We can well see that the trend from Philip’s reign to try to snuff out creativity, learning and entrepreneurship is continuing.

    Shameful. But let us keep our eyes open and communicate between us to nip these incursions in the bud.

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