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What Is Going On?

Well there is always a lot going on at Ambergris! I started out in 2005 creating mostly gothy-sexy designs and learning may way around the SL fashion biz.

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I started getting interested and seeing what else I could do, so I branched out a little bit and now there is something for just about everyone. I remember my first foray into menswear was a custom order from a friend. I insisted that I “could not do” menswear and he insisted on having his vintage tuxedo for his wedding.

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A classic Ambergris sexy-demure design. Plunging neckline, detailed textures, corset style top to a knee-length skirt. Available in black and in red.

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Spring Flowers

Sassy little springtime dress with retro flowers design. Just a little bit darker look and feel with the jagged and asymetrical touches.

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Anti-Content Creator Update

This is a rant. This is also an open letter to Linden Lab. This is regarding the latest update on the SL viewer. (I am on the RC viewer version 1.23.1) I had been away from SL for just about a month, and when I returned, I had to load in the latest version in order to log into SL.

I was apalled.

Linden Lab has an unfortunate track record of implementing policies and making changes that have not been very friendly to content creators. I cannot understand why this has been the trend, and the latest changes to the UI eclipse anything that they have done in the past years.


What wasn’t broken that got “fixed”:

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Camo Couture

Sexy military outfit with retro camo textures, tiny vest top, matching lowrise belted knee-length pants.

Accessorize with your favorite artillery ;)

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