Ambergrisish twist on Marie Antoinette ;)

Sexy detailed bodice with prim “poofy” sleeves, matching tiered and ruffled flexy skirt. Pure attitude


Hair: Bishwear
Skin: Diversity (cleavage: Rhonda Pennell)
Shoes: Baby Monkey
Jewelry: CH Designs (Calamity Hathaway)

You can find Tonette at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and right here (click!) online at my Apez Storefront


2 responses to “Tonette

  1. Merrie Zwanger

    Hello! I’d love to join the Ambergris Addicts Group, as I’m already a member of the Notifications group but it doesn’t have a group designation so I can be a member of it officially in my Groups so I can get your group freebies.

    I looked up Ambergris Addicts in the SL groups and it doesn’t come up. Your model groups do, though.

    My avatar is Merrie Zwanger and originally found your clothing at Orientation Station.

    I humbly request to be added to the Ambergris Addicts Group.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Merrie :)
    Of course you can join up!
    Look for an invite sent to you soon :)

    I will try to sort out why it do not show up in Search, as it is open join after all.

    Welcome aboard! *huggs*
    ~Amber :)

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