Daily Archives: January 30, 2009

Lingerie 2 Bold Designs

Getting a jumpstart on Valentine “season” I have put these two delicious lingerie sets out on the 2009 Valentine Collection Wall at ADF. The first is Capture a very Ambergrisish set with leather, bold bikini top silhouette, matching g-string, garters and bold cut fishnet stockings.

I must say that this lingerie set has already caused a sensation! When I first posted it to my photo stream it got taken down with an email sent to me explaining why. Something about it being a family site blah blah.
*giggles!* Hopefully the second posting of the pic will remain.

The second set is called Rawr in homage to the animal print textures. I know you will just love the strappy matching g-string and sexy fishnets. *mews*

Both sets are created on all layers for maximum versatility and for those Madonna fans who love wearing their underwear outside of your clothes ;) Get into the mood!

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Lovely Hand Drawn jewel strewn gown with matching gloves.
Peek-a-boo strappy top, semi-sheer flowing skirt prims
Comes with glitch pants and panties

Available in four colors: Red, Fuschia, Purple and Black

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