My What To Do About OnRez Post

Just so that we are all on the same page, those who do not know that LL has bought both OnRez and XStreet SL with the intention of  destroying OnRez and using XStreet to integrate it (somehow) into SL: Click Here for details.

I have already expressed my opinion on the forum thread (now closed) so I will not be getting very personal here. This post is for my customers, fellow designers, shopaholics, and fashionistas etc who have enjoyed OnRez and are wondering what to do.


This is what to do:

Go to and sign up for an account. LL has warned everyone to get their balances out of OnRez, so simply do that and then add some lindens to Apez. Now you can shop, set up vendors, accomodate your customers, buy things with ease, gift items etc almost like OnRez.

I had actually set up an account back in 2007, but with the popularity of (the then SL Exchange) and (the then SLboutique), I decided to concentrate on those two. Now no more cool OnRez, so I’m back hooking myself up with Apez.

Which is pretty cool and will gain popularity as OnRez gets disappeared by Linden Lab.

My comments about Apez from a designer’s POV:

Setting up inworld is easy as pie. Just buy the free servers, pop as many down as you wish (they have a location if you need land to put them on), Lable them like you did with the OnRez magic boxes, fill them with your designs and pictures. No sweat.

There is slightly more sweat when you return to the web to configure things into what OnRez called Vendor Packs. You can still do all that, but it takes a little getting used to.

Again I think soon I will be just flying through it. I think my difficulties are with making a change from one interface to another. And like many designers I have a LOT of designs ~ 3 years worth! But I have decided to concentrate on my new designs, footwear, popular ones and get those done first.

For example Click Here to see my “vendor pack” dedicated to the Fashion Trend Fashion Show designs that were featured at yesterday’s event. Nice yes? You can even see the easy gifting button loud and clear.


The corresponding in world vendor is up and running and placed at my store at land it area next to the FashTrend show sign. Once I get more venders up and replace the OnRez vendors I have in world, I will hope to get some feedback from customers on ease of use etc. And I will share those comments with you too.

What will I do about XStreetSL/SLexchange:

I am not sure at this point. I have always shied away from using that site, as it charges fees. LL has stated they intend to keep the fees going, and I have heard from many designers their fears that in LL’s hands the fees will increase.

I have always made more sales at OnRez than SLEX, so if I decide to not use that service as it comes under the thumb of Linden Lab, it will be an easy thing for me to do. However many designers have the opposite experience, and so might have more of a difficult decision.

Many are not happy to be paying even more money to Linden Lab, so I guess it is a waiting game at this point.

My plea to my Happy OnRez Customers:

Please do at least get your linden dollar balances out of OnRez as soon as you can. After LL’s deadline, it is uncertain whether you will be able to get your money out from there.

Please do consider signing up with Apez and hopefully we will all have a smooth transition as we say goodbye to OnRez. Please give me feedback (good or bad!) about your experience using Apez on the web and also the in world vendors.

Thank you all for listening,



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