Daily Archives: January 18, 2009


Well if you can actually log in, you will not be able to shop, but I do not care! I am so excited about the upcoming presidential inauguration that nothing can get me upset or angry at this point lol

(ok wait, I did get a little ruffled when earlier today my linden balance had 6 and a 6 and another 6 right next to each other. I sent a wail out to my Group and brandrew Moonbeam ~ bless his heart ~ came to my rescue and snagged an item from the sales patch; sending those sixes back to where they belong! I am a gothy girl but that only stretch so far… *giggles!*)

This is a very cute dress that I believe came from my elated mood as much as anything else. The flex prims are filmy and floaty and you will feel as care-free and full of Hope as I am when you wear this dress.

Three colors are available: Aqua, Red and Pink
With dyed to match ADF Kicking Mules!

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