Wall of NO Shame

Well actually the official name is The Wall Of Fame (and NO Shame). The Ambergris Addicts Group members love to show themselves off in my designs. Or specific body parts in my designs. There is no shame.

And I like it that way!

I was going to log in and update the wall, but as you might realise, things are very iffy. I got sent to the help island instead of my store, so I suppose Knot sim is offline right now.

and I quote: (from Grid Status Reports)

Inworld Issues
Posted by Status Desk on January 16th, 2009 at 03:41 pm PST

Technicians are investigating a database issue which is interfering with several inworld services, such as the Map, Teleporting, and some Searches. As a precaution, please refrain from rezzing no copy items or making purchases until the situation is resolved. Please monitor this post for further information and updates.

The following picture will be up on the wall as soon as things calm down. When that will be I have no idea. As a Second Life veteran I know how to roll with the punches ;)


This is Group member Tobi Belgar wearing the new OhLaLeather and friend Krystofer in Heart Ache, a Valentine design from last year available for 99L in the Sales Patch.

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