Heart’s Blood and Show Gossip

I must say I have never been so happy with a fashion show! Darkness Calls was everything I had hoped it would be and more. The set was absolutely perfect, the audience hyper and full of fun and the models… well lets just say that the CHM Agency knows how to BRING IT!

Please Click Here to view slideshow of pics from the event. And/or the link on the header above. I’ve decided to bring back my habit of doing shows often, although not once and twice a week like I used to. Once or twice a month will be sufficient I think ;)

I will be posting pics from each event on the 2009 Fashion Shows page I’ve created on this blog. I always try to take pics myself, sometimes have an official show photographer and also encourage show goers to take shots too. The goal is to gather as many pics as possible from each event and make slideshows and share!

There was such a wonderful reaction and feedback from everyone at the show and there have been whispers of having another show filmed. I really have to recommend the concept of having a set and it really was rather intimate and you felt very much a part of the show.

Before I post the pics of the gown that made its debut on Tuesday, I have to give a shout out to the CHM Bad Boyz: Tye Tone and Olaf Barbosa. They did this unexpected dance at the end of the show after the final walk around. I loved it! What a special surprise and I was really touched :D Thanks guys!


This gown was originally created special for a fashion show/contest for vendors at Transylvania sim. We were to create a red design as a special feature to the show. As that event has been put on hold, I figured why not debut the gown at this show?

I already had a name from a contest I did with the Ambergris Addicts, and Java Laval won with the name: Heart’s Blood. So I started there and hand drew the gown from scratch.

It features arterial red color, vein-like patterning on the bodice and a goth-cross cut out on the front, peek-a-boo panels on the back. Flex angel sleeves, matching gloves and tiered full belle flex skirt make for a very dramatic silhouette.

Red and gold jeweled appliques complete the look, and the system skirt is slitted for that little extra flair when worn without the prims.

Heart’s Blood

HeartsBloodFORUM HeartsBloodJPG3
Hair: Calico
Skin: Diversity

You can find Heart’s Blood at Ambergris and right here online at OnRez and Xstreet SL


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