Its Showtime!

Today (Tuesday January 13th) at 3pm SLT I will be kicking off my first fashion show of the year :)

You can TP there by clicking the location: Caernars Demise (120, 176, 98), and/or IM me (Ambergris Baphomet) for a teleport. I will also have the location on my profile picks so you can TP from there too.

This will be a show NOT to be missed! Access to “Le Haute Gothe” designs from ADF’s past, present and future. Spectacular new gown will be debuted today!

High formals for both women and men, lots of leather & Lace, and of course the Ambergrisishness twist of sexiness that will not be denied ;)

I am also pleased to debut the set that has been created special for this event, and embraces both the audience and models in an intimate natural setting that will be sure to delight.

Please contact Calamity Hathaway and/or Olaf Barbosa if you would like to have your own runway show with this set. It is infinitely modifiable to suit any season, colors, textures and moods. The CHM Agency with their excellent customer service Team, will custom create whatever you wish to make your fashion show pop :)

CHM Agency/ADF Agency Models working the runway will be:
Salvo Waydelich, Rhonda Pennell, Tye Tone, Olaf Barbosa, Cordi Biddle, Veronica Krasner, Vivienne Darcy.

Come early to drink  in the set and get the best seating, invite your friends!

See you on the Runway!


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