Fashion Show: Darkness Calls

I am pleased to announce my next fashion show! Many of you know that I have turned over the training of my ADF Top Models to Calamity “Clam” Hathaway of CHM Agency.

She and her team are absolutely fabulous and I always pleased, thrilled and satisfied with how they run my shows.

This show is extra special as it also features a collaboration between myself, Calamity and her husband (CHM Property Manager) Olaf Barbosa, to create a set within which will nestle the show itself; including the audience.


This show will feature  primarily what Clam and I have dubbed “Le Haute Gothe” fashions from my clothing line; past, present and future: I always love to debut designs on the runway!

Of course there will be menswear featured, and so I was also (overly!?) excited to have been able to have SecondAvatar’s Mr World 2008 Salvo Waydelich available to work the runway. He was sensational in my Dark Desires show last year, and I had to have him back again!

The Darkness Calls show will be next Tuesday January 13th, 2009 at 3pm SLT at Caernars Demise (120, 176, 98). Please feel free to grab the poster from this link, and/or pass along the permalink and get the word out!

You can also IM me, Ambergris Baphomet for an in world clickable poster object (with show and store LM) you can place on your land and pass around to your Fashionista Friends.

This will a be a show not to be missed! I look forward to showing my designs, watching the ADF and CHM Models and making new friends like I do at each show.

See you on the Runway!


2 responses to “Fashion Show: Darkness Calls

  1. hello Ambergris, the permalink in your article is wrong and produces an error o.O but I am very much looking forward to the show:) *hugs, Rhonda

  2. eeee! ty for the heads up on the link, Rho. I think I have fixed it :)

    The show is going to be great: I am so excited!
    ~Amber :)

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