Lace Satin Bride

Newest design in my Dark Weddings line. Lacy texturing on satin fabric, this formal gown is a treat!

You get two veils, one long and sheer the other lace on matching chapeau. Tied up in the back bodice, matching gloves and tiered spiraling full belle skirt complete the look.

Available in three colors: Scarlet, Purple and Gold
Not getting hitched? Ditch the veils and flaunt at the next formal event!

Lace Satin Bride

LSBrideScarletFORUM LSBridePurpleFORUM LSBrideGoldFORUM
Hair: Diversity
Skin: Nora
Shoes: Style Starts Here

You can find these gorgeous gowns on the New Items Wall at Ambergris, (very soon!) at Dark Weddings, and right here online at OnRez and XStreet SL


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