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Lingerie 2 Bold Designs

Getting a jumpstart on Valentine “season” I have put these two delicious lingerie sets out on the 2009 Valentine Collection Wall at ADF. The first is Capture a very Ambergrisish set with leather, bold bikini top silhouette, matching g-string, garters and bold cut fishnet stockings.

I must say that this lingerie set has already caused a sensation! When I first posted it to my photo stream it got taken down with an email sent to me explaining why. Something about it being a family site blah blah.
*giggles!* Hopefully the second posting of the pic will remain.

The second set is called Rawr in homage to the animal print textures. I know you will just love the strappy matching g-string and sexy fishnets. *mews*

Both sets are created on all layers for maximum versatility and for those Madonna fans who love wearing their underwear outside of your clothes ;) Get into the mood!

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Lovely Hand Drawn jewel strewn gown with matching gloves.
Peek-a-boo strappy top, semi-sheer flowing skirt prims
Comes with glitch pants and panties

Available in four colors: Red, Fuschia, Purple and Black

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Velvet Romance

2-in-1 Design! Detailed bustier, two skirts: one full skirted long belle formal with semi-sheer panes, the other flirty mini with same.

Available in Red and in Purple

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More Skimpies!

This was a custom order created in soft leather with peek-a-boo accents. Flesh baring top and trou in black and also in purple

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Skimpies… Casuals

With the whirlwind of fashion shows and everything I have been remiss in posting some fun new designs.

The first is a hand drawn piece that is undescribable really. Be bold, have a sense of fun and just run with it ;) On all layers for maximum versatility.

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My What To Do About OnRez Post

Just so that we are all on the same page, those who do not know that LL has bought both OnRez and XStreet SL with the intention of  destroying OnRez and using XStreet to integrate it (somehow) into SL: Click Here for details.

I have already expressed my opinion on the forum thread (now closed) so I will not be getting very personal here. This post is for my customers, fellow designers, shopaholics, and fashionistas etc who have enjoyed OnRez and are wondering what to do.


This is what to do:

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Fashion Show: Fashion Trend

Mark those calendars! You are invited :)
There has been a lot of buzz about The Fashion Trend Group and this will be their first fashion show. I spoke with group founder Madonna Saenz today, while she is a little nervous, she is excited and looking forward to the event.

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Inspired by the USA First Lady’s inaugural dress!
Lovely yellow, semi-sheer prims, playful silhouette and strappy top

Matching sheer gloves and jeweled accents complete the look


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