Fare Thee Well 2008

I must say all in all it was a good year. I met lot of new people, designed many new creations, tiered up and partied down. As for RL, perhaps not so good. But at least I got to vote in the USA’s most historic presidential election EVER.

Am I Recession Proof? Not on your life! *giggles!* This is where the first and second life starts to blend a little. However I am very good at rolling with the punches as they say; and I look with Hope to the New Year and the Future.


I designed my little heart out this past month, and I am very tired. Not very many weeeehooo! New Year’s Eve party outfits this year. However if you missed them, I have put last year’s designs (Satin Queen & Midnight Party pictured here) out in the “Sales Patch” as I call it: Seriously Discounted Glamour if you need something fun to wear while ringing in 2009.


You can’t miss them! right past (the new) New Items Wall next across from the Store Runway.
Have a Prosperous, Exciting and Happy New Year!


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