Monthly Archives: December 2008

Fare Thee Well 2008

I must say all in all it was a good year. I met lot of new people, designed many new creations, tiered up and partied down. As for RL, perhaps not so good. But at least I got to vote in the USA’s most historic presidential election EVER.

Am I Recession Proof? Not on your life! *giggles!* This is where the first and second life starts to blend a little. However I am very good at rolling with the punches as they say; and I look with Hope to the New Year and the Future.

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Dark Lady

The detailed bodice is the highlight of this formal gown. Filmy flex skirt and optional fluffy sleeves complete the look.

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Handsome formal suit with a festive flair
Jacket with tails; flex tails option included

Button down shirt with tie, slick goth trou complete the look
Available in Black and in Red

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Fun, festive and flirty holiday dress
Comes with matching anklet with bow and bell that makes a jingle sound when you walk

Available in Red and in Green

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Delicious gown with candy striped skirt, candy sprinkled tasty top
Available in three yummy colors: Pink, Blue and Green

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Another quirky gift from my Muse hehe! (she must exist in never-ending Summer somewhere)

Lushly textured mini, flesh-baring top shoort skirt: fun and flirty!

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Lil bit gothy, lotta bit fun! Holiday menswear outfit for the guys. Created on lots of layers for ultimate versatility. Modesty layer included for those shy Santas ;) Priced right and Transfer for easy gift giving.

FREE Santa Hat!

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Adorable babydoll dresses. Wavelike textures, silvery accents semi-sheer skirt prims.
Available in Emerald and in Sapphire

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