Photo Contest: THING

yes, we are doing it again! *giggles!* I have some pics the Ambergris Addicts created. I need help judging!

UPDATE: Results!
(tacos are turned in to get FREE outfit of choice btw hehe!)

1st Prize winning 500L and THREE tacos: FlameRose Dagger!

2nd Prize winning 300L and TWO tacos: Jeanine Hax!

Tied for 3rd Prize, each winning: 250L and ONE taco: turk Genira and brandrew Moonbeam!
thing-turkgenira1 thing-brandrewmoonbeam

I have decided to divvy up the BONUS PRIZE between ALL contestants. So it goes as follows:
Each gets 150L extra and the chance to be a HOT SEXY MODEL on one of my product box pics!

Thank you everyone for the VOTES! (especially the tie-breakers) It was neck and neck until the very last minute wooo!!
Congrats to the Winners!!
~Amber :)

(Original post below the fold)

Keep in mind a few things:
(1) creative/funny/interesting etc use of the THING (the wierd umm sculpty thing I created using the fun and addictive ploppSL),
(2) is the avatar wearing Ambergris fashions?, and most of all;
(3) does the picture affect you in some way? (good or bad or whichever way lol)

You can see the THING sitting nicely on my desk. I use it as a paperweight rofl!


Now on to the pics! (in no particular order) Please use the comments here to vote (you can choose up to 3 per avatar), or IM me in world: my IMs go to email so I will not lose em! 1 vote = 1 point; pic with the most points wins! Happy Voting!

~Ambergris Baphomet

(btw if you want a THING of your own let me know too, and I will send you one!)


thing-flamerosedaggerby FlameRose Dagger

Wearing Ambergris Bathory


thing-brandrewmoonbeamby brandrew Moonbeam

Wearing Ambergris Crimson Tux Suit w/Tails


thing-turkgenira1by turk Genira

Wearing Ambergris Darkness Suit


thing-jeaninehaxby Jeanine Hax

Wearing Ambergris Darkling

And oh yes: Contestants can vote for themselves too! yay! Why not? :)


6 responses to “Photo Contest: THING

  1. Well since you said we could vote for ourselves…giggle…

    my vote is for Jeanine Hax in Darkling

  2. Calamity Hathaway

    I vote for FlameRose Dagger’s pic because it is so sentimentally vintage … like a past romance that she is yearning to rekindle. :)

  3. All of these pictures are great but I’d like my votes to go to FlameRose. I like the antique look of it! Oh, and she’s cute!

  4. I vote for Flame

  5. I vote for Jeanine

  6. hahaha!!! I vote for Brandon Moonbeam

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