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Photo Contest: THING

yes, we are doing it again! *giggles!* I have some pics the Ambergris Addicts created. I need help judging!

UPDATE: Results!
(tacos are turned in to get FREE outfit of choice btw hehe!)

1st Prize winning 500L and THREE tacos: FlameRose Dagger!

2nd Prize winning 300L and TWO tacos: Jeanine Hax!

Tied for 3rd Prize, each winning: 250L and ONE taco: turk Genira and brandrew Moonbeam!
thing-turkgenira1 thing-brandrewmoonbeam

I have decided to divvy up the BONUS PRIZE between ALL contestants. So it goes as follows:
Each gets 150L extra and the chance to be a HOT SEXY MODEL on one of my product box pics!

Thank you everyone for the VOTES! (especially the tie-breakers) It was neck and neck until the very last minute wooo!!
Congrats to the Winners!!
~Amber :)

(Original post below the fold)

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US Economy Boost

Naturally I want you to shop at my store in Second Life, but if you feel a hankering to spend a little money, and if you are living in the USA:

Go out and shop! Support your local retailers!

Traditionally this is called “Black Friday” (although I am not sure why but you can read more about it here) but it is generally one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

I am well aware of the economic situation both in the US and around the world, and most of us are looking at a pretty bleak holiday season. But if you CAN: please go out and buy something this weekend.

Things have to get moving somewhere, and I suppose we can start there.

Our prayers go out to those suffering in Mumbai

~Ambergris & the ADF Team

Grid Status

Been having problems? I know I have.

Most people are aware, Linden Lab have taken Grid Status Reports off of the main Linden Blog and put them


So if you did not know, now you do! If you are experiencing difficulties, at least if you take a peek over there, you will know what is going on. For the most part anyway.

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Fabulous ensemble with lots of layers to mix and match!

Banded Hat
Jeweled jacket (on both jacket and shirt layers)
Bustier (on both shirt and undershirt layers)
Belted trousers
Panties/Glitch Pants
Long skirt/Tiered flex skirt
Scripted fuzzy hand muff w/pose, and a pair of ADF Black Strappy Heels.

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Gorgeous ice blue formal gown with frosty Hand Drawn textures
Sexy peek-a-boo front, semi-sheer flexy wrist scarf and short cape

All the flex prims swirl and float as you walk and dance

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These checkered shirts are coupled with the NEW ADF Riveted Black Jeans. They are also inspired by and named after new (and very addicted!) Ambergris Addict Group member brandrew Moonbeam :)

Casual yet smart button down long sleeved shirts, with open collar, tucked in style.
9 colors available: Aqua, Blue, Charcoal, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Teal.

Also available in hugely discounted fatpack with all shirts & pair of jeans

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This is a 6-piece set inspired by Ambergris Addict Group member Mitz Xi! She is crazy for blue but I have also included other colors as well. Below is a listing of all the goodies:

Sexy top with shoulder strap, asymetrical mini skirt/mini prims, panties, glitch pants, floor length skirt/long skirt prims, matching gloves, semi-sheer stockings, shoulder scarf, shoulder scarf w/bloom, shoulder bloom and a pair of ADF Black Strappy Heels.
Available in 5 colors: Mitz Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Black.

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The Swirl

Warm and cozy Hand Drawn sweater with swirled textures, matching belted trousers
Unisexy! Great for Guys and Gals
Prim turtleneck and cuffs (larger sizes included), long sweater option as well

6 colors: Blue, Green, Gold, Pink, Purple and Red

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