Gone Forever…

This is the final day of 12 Deadly Days SALE celebrating three years of ADF in SL.
Many of my vintage designs (from first two years) will be gone forever…

Out with the old in with the new ;)

The Goodie Baskets (on the Orange Circles) throughout the store are chock full of vintage wear and other keepsakes ~ only 50L each!

Costumes and Gowns, Menswear and Unisex, Skimpies and well… almost half my creations are at rock bottom pricing so grab them NOW (off the Orange Walls) while you can.

Bulldozin-errmmm remodel of the shiny new ADF will commence sometime after midnight tonight (most likely early morning November 1st ~ I want to make sure to trick or treat around the grid hehe!)

Thank you to everyone who have support and encourage me, bought my designs like they were addicted (so many ARE! lol yayy Ambergis Addicts Group!), and helped me realize my dream of being a fashion designer.

Next year or so who knows? Maybe you will see Ambergris Wear on a RL runway or store ;)
*huggs and ghostly kisses*

See you on the runway!

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