Well this design is a first for me :) Done in collaboration with the wonderful CallieDel Boa! She showed me a RL picture of her wearing one of her favorite outfits, and wanted me to make a version of it for her avatar here in SL.
So I did! And of course I had to use Callie as the model for the pics ;)

Fun flirty minidress with subtle lace texturings, two shirt options, sleeveless and one with the pink and black striped long sleeves, matching striped gloves with fun finger fastenings

You can wear the full long stockings or show some ankle with the shorter leggings. I had a lot of fun creating this, and Callie loves it! Also very special my first RL – to – SL design comes on the 3rd year anniversary of Ambergris Deadly Fashions ~ yay!


PinkPunkFORUM PinkPunkPIC

You can get PinkPunk on the New Items Wall at ADF and my OnRez and XStreet SL Storefronts

12 Deadly Days of Extreme Shopping Sale is still going on! New items put on sale daily: this weekend look for Basket O’ Gowns on Orange Circles ~ 2-3 oooh maybe 4 gowns for price of one!

Happy Shopping!

One response to “PinkPunk

  1. Thanks so much Amber, you are a great inspirations and I am honored to be a friend. You have helped me so much and I look forward to working with you more in the future. You are a caring, warm and loving person. That is a wonderful quality that makes me happy to say “Hey! Amber is cool and Ambergris Deadly Fashions are awesome!”

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