Desert Silks

I have not made silks in awhile, and as you know… when my Muse speaks: I listen!

These come with slitted skirt, flexy, semi-sheer loin cloths & armlets.
Originally they were to end with just that (topless and pantyless), but while I listen to the Muse, I also can take things into my own hands *giggles*

So I added matching tops from my Jeweled Skimpies Collection. (And well still NO undies ~ that was just too good to pass up)

Four colors available: Red, Blue, Purple and Green

Desert Silks

DesertSilksPIC DesertSilksRedFORUM DesertSilksBlueFORUM DesertSilksGreenFORUM DesertSilksPurpleFORUM
Hair: AmberStrands Helga w/color change hairbands
Skin: Starlet

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