SALE: 12 Deadly Days

Happy 3rd Birthday Ambergris Deadly Fashions!

To celebrate three very interesting and fruitful years in Second Life, I am having a very big sale that will last from today ~ October 20th 2008 ~ through October 31st 2008.


Tons of designs are now available at 50%, 75% Off and even more!

Footwear, Menswear, Unisex, Formals, Gothique, Casuals, Skimpies, Minis, Silks, Suits, Colorfuls and Costumes!

All items that are ON SALE during these 12 Days, will be displayed on the Orangey-Yellowy walls throughout the Ambergris Main Store. Green signs saying: SALE! in those areas will help guide you as well.

Please be aware that the sale pricing is ONLY available at the main store location on those lovely pumpkin colored walls that you really just cannot miss ;)

MORE items at these slashed prices will come available on a daily basis, so keep checking back to see and Happy Shopping!

Teleport to Ambergris Deadly Fashions (ADF), Knot (245, 67, 81)

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