Daily Archives: October 18, 2008

Deadly Poll

Just trying out this new poll feature on wordpress…

Lets have some fun!

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Bewitched Again ;)

What better way to celebrate THREE YEARS of Ambergris Deadly Fashions? Having a SALE on costumes and goth/vamp wear and a witchy new update of the popular Bewitched design from October 2005!

What’s New:
Revamped tortured prim skirt
Matching sculpted witchy hat
Three colors: Original Purple, Red and Barbie Starr Black w/FuGeE Tattoo!
Scripted Flying Broomstick w/Poses!

Leona Upshaw created and scripted the broom for this special update; Three poses are from AmberAnims Poses, and Leona added in a bonus animated pose. Happy Flying!

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