Cheverny: Gothic Bride

This is the latest addition to my Dark Weddings line
gorgeous gown with peek-a-boo top, matching skirt, panties and glitch pants.

I offer two skirt options with this formal; the full belle skirt and the mermaid
There is also two type of veils; the long semi-sheer down the back, and very pert hat with face veil

Of course if you are not a bride, this gown works as a dramatic formal all on its own.



Hair: AmberStrands Margot w/color change hairband
Skin: Starlet

This gown is available (in world) only at Dark Weddings ~ Dark Weddings by Ambergris, Knot (218, 216, 56) where you can see the original Pret a Porter DW line and other gothic formals and suits.
Or you can shop online for it HERE and also HERE.
Ambergris Deadly Fashions Store Updates:
*The Ambergris Addicts (fashion group!) Wall of FAME (and NO shame!) is finally up!

*Halloween decor is up! Including ghostly figures and sounds, pumpkins and so on ;)

*Store Runway is up! Strut your stuff in your new purchases weeeHOO!
*Dancing Area is back! In the Tops & Trou section, you can ballroom and salsa with your partner and/or try the Amber-chim, ADF-chim and solo dances from Jade’s Jazz Lounge yay!
*And to go with all that, a fabulous NEW music stream!

Happy Birthday ADF! October is my store anniversary and this is year THREE! Time sure flies while you are having fun ;) Keep eyes peeled for a Special SALE and maybe even a costume fashion show :D

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