Warmly textured suit with sexy top

Gold button accents



Hair: Diversity
Skin: Starlet
Shoes: Ladies Brogues by Potpourri

Get the sexy Vanquished on the New Items Wall at Ambergris and my OnRez Storefront
Little bit of news: SL Exchange has now changed its name to XStreet SL.
So I’ve decided to take the next few days to do a little upgrading of my own ;)
I will be adding my latest designs to my XStreet Storefront so you will soon be able to get those there as well as my vintage creations.
Of course they will cost a little bit more as they still charge me fees unlike OnRez. But I guess we all must make a living, yes?
That was one of my main reasons for not focusing on SLX, I hate to pass along the cost of the fees to customers, but the recent feedback I have been getting is apparently most people do not seem to care or do not mind.
So if you are a SLX (XStreet SL!) member/fan you will soon be able to get my latest goodies there too :)

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