Ritz w/Hat and Cane

Sleek striped Hand Drawn suit with matching belted trousers

Jaunty hat and scripted cane with pose

The suit top has peek-a-boo panels so a “modesty” undershirt is included for the shy girls ;)



Hair: Diversity
Shoes: Style Starts Here
Skin: Starlet

You can get Ritz at the New Items Wall at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and my Onrez Storefront


My Third Rez Day passed without me remembering it! I guess I have been so busy with my recent tiering up and consequent store remodel/expansion.(that is a good thing ~ yay!)

Since starting out in SL I have seen a lot of changes. I had to master the Art of creating prim skirts and then with the introduction of FLEXY, I had to learn things all over again :)

I also started out renting commercial land for my first store, to taking the step to become premium and owning my own land for my 2nd main store location. I have experienced the ups and downs that come with running a business both on a island and on the mainland.

Like many of us who have been on the mainland for years, we have come to love the diversity it has, but lamented the blight that have been allowed to happen. I salute Jack Linden and his team for finally tackling this problem! I have seen changes already in Knot sim where my store is, and look forward to the coming months so see even more positive actions.

To my fellow designers, shop-a-holics, my mentors, and especially to my Design Group, the Ambergris Addicts: Thank you for your support, help and feedback and fun over the past three years that have allowed me to continue to be successful in Second Life. *huggs!*

~Amber :)

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