Monthly Archives: October 2008

Gone Forever…

This is the final day of 12 Deadly Days SALE celebrating three years of ADF in SL.
Many of my vintage designs (from first two years) will be gone forever…

Out with the old in with the new ;)

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Stepping Out: Sculpted Heels

Absolutely fabulous pair of Sculpted high heel pumps

Lushly textured, modable prims and no walk so work your personal AO!

7 Delicious colors available: Apple Red, Blueberry, Candy Pink, Purple Grape, Kiwi Green, Black Licorice and Pumpkin

Priced right so you can get all the colors you love & transfer so you can give as gifts too :)

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Well this design is a first for me :) Done in collaboration with the wonderful CallieDel Boa! She showed me a RL picture of her wearing one of her favorite outfits, and wanted me to make a version of it for her avatar here in SL.
So I did! And of course I had to use Callie as the model for the pics ;)

Fun flirty minidress with subtle lace texturings, two shirt options, sleeveless and one with the pink and black striped long sleeves, matching striped gloves with fun finger fastenings

You can wear the full long stockings or show some ankle with the shorter leggings. I had a lot of fun creating this, and Callie loves it! Also very special my first RL – to – SL design comes on the 3rd year anniversary of Ambergris Deadly Fashions ~ yay!

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Desert Silks

I have not made silks in awhile, and as you know… when my Muse speaks: I listen!

These come with slitted skirt, flexy, semi-sheer loin cloths & armlets.
Originally they were to end with just that (topless and pantyless), but while I listen to the Muse, I also can take things into my own hands *giggles*

So I added matching tops from my Jeweled Skimpies Collection. (And well still NO undies ~ that was just too good to pass up)

Four colors available: Red, Blue, Purple and Green

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Skullies: Shoes!

Cute little slippers! Strappy heels, with skull motif and color change menu

Match up with your favorite outfits and costumes :)

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SALE: 12 Deadly Days

Happy 3rd Birthday Ambergris Deadly Fashions!

To celebrate three very interesting and fruitful years in Second Life, I am having a very big sale that will last from today ~ October 20th 2008 ~ through October 31st 2008.

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ShinDig Shoes!

Who needs sleek sculpty shoes when you can CLOMP and STOMP around the grid in these cuties?


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Deadly Poll

Just trying out this new poll feature on wordpress…

Lets have some fun!

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