ThiHiTied Boots!

Slippery sleek and plenty of “all tied upness” to keep you bound up and sexy
Signature ADF Claw Heel (of course!)

Sexy walk/no walk option

ThiHiTied Boots


Get these delicious boots on the New Items Wall at Ambergris and my OnRez Storefront


Don’t forget to visit the Main Store to see the newly expanded layout! Color coded displays and expanded Menswear, Flex Wear, Dresses, Tops and Trou departments!

Need a break? Skip on over to the Ambergris Outlet! FREEBIES, Reduced Prices, Discounted Glamour ;)
Ambergris Outlet!, Molesworth (70, 150, 71)

Getting hitched? Autumn Wedding? Need that singular Gothique Formal? You are invited to Dark Weddings to loose yourself in the delights of women’s and men’s formal wear for EVERY occasion!
Dark Weddings by Ambergris, Knot (218, 216, 56)
Don’t forget to wander next door to the AmberStrands Hair Salon and AmberAnims Poses vendors :)

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