Sexy and sleek black leather top and trou perfect for when out on the prowl

Peek-a-boo Bolero style top, matching pants that show a little bit more

All done up in black leather with diamond bling accents


EsperanzaFORUM EsperanzaPIC

Get Esperanza at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and my OnRez Storefront
More ADF News!
The store expansion is complete with larger departments including more wall space for Menswear ~ yay guys!! Upper level fleshes out the Tops and Trou and a whole new section devoted to Dresses & Skimpies ;)

Dark Weddings has Moved! Not too far though; Just down the valley to its own castle, complete with the DW Pret a Porter bride and groom lines, goth/vamp formals, Jewelry and Wedding Day Accessories by KessKreations and and a selection of Wolfhaven Avalon Homes and Rings.
Click Here to TP there now!
Dark Weddings by Ambergris, Knot (218, 216, 56)

Ambergris Outlet! The 24/7 Sales Garden is now in its own niche in the lovely green sim of Molesworth!
Get those vintage Ambergris designs, FREEBIES, Customer Faves, Delicious Discounts and Gowns, Casuals, Skimpies and more at cuthroat pricing. Spread the Word!
Click Here to Shop HARDER!
Ambergris Outlet!, Molesworth (70, 150, 71)

See You On The Runway! Ambergris Fashion Show this Sunday Sept 14th! More info TBA :)

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