Monthly Archives: September 2008


Lovely formal gown in warm Autumn colors, painted textures

Matching gloves and sweeping flex skirt

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Lushly textured gown with a medieval flair, flesh baring cutouts

Available in three colors: Green, Earthtone and Ocean

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Glamour Expo 2008


Hope to see you out there for all the fun and glam :)

Press Release/Expo Info and Program

Flush 2-in-1

Absolutely adorable little mini with matching belted pantsuit
Fun ensemble to suit your every mood :)

You can even wear the mini without the flex prims to show off the “hidden” structured hemline of the skirt ~ what’s not to love?

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ThiHiTied Boots!

Slippery sleek and plenty of “all tied upness” to keep you bound up and sexy
Signature ADF Claw Heel (of course!)

Sexy walk/no walk option

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Delicious cloaked menswear!
Gorgeous brocade shirt, matching trousers and tails

Flexy cloak, neck scarf and sleeve cuffs

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Dramatic goth/vamp gown with lots of details and lush texturing

Peek-a-boo front and high collar complete the look

This gown made is SL debut last Sunday on the Runway!
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Sexy fun top and trou!
Bustier top with arm bracers, matching belted capri length pants

4 colors available: Black, Gold, Purple and Red

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