Olympic Spirit Zone

The Summer Games have been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. So I have set up an area in the middle of my store where you can kit up and cheer on you teams in style!

Team Ambergris! Left to right: Leona, Drax, Annya, Heidi, Me, Tippy, Callie

FREE 7-Pack of tshirts featuring the Olympic unity rings front and back. You get these shirt colors: White, Gray, Blue, Purple, Green Red and Gold.

I have also placed my Chinese designs there and put them ON SALE for only 100L each yay!

Asian Summer ~ Adorable mini with cheongsam top, available in Blue and in Red, come with dyed to match pair ADF Kicking Mules


Baby Cheongsam ~ cute ensemble available in Red and in Blue silk, sleeveless cheongsam top, and flexy flaps featuring lucky dragon embroidery


Symphony ~ long sleeved cheongsam style gown, with stylised musical notes, bold red textures


You can get the designs and the FREE Olympic Spirit tshirt pack in the Spotlight Designs Area in the center of the Main Store Location. *Please note, the sale prices are ONLY available right there :)

Go Team Go!
~Amber :)

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