Abyss 2-in-1

This design is a collaboration with a wild bunch of the Ambergris Addicts! I had completed the top and matching gloves, and then got stuck for ideas.

I asked the group for a little help :) They decided on a teeny mini, matching capris and put in a request for Green and HOT Pink ~ the original design being in Red.

The end result: Abyss!

Peek below the fold for pictures, and information on one of SL’s best kept secrets: Eldex ~ where you can buy and sell Lindens in the blink of an eye


AbyssPIC AbyssRedFORUM AbyssPinkFORUM AbyssGreenFORUM

The shoes? Inner Hoochie from Style Starts Here. Available in color change or separate colors. Included are both size 0 and 20 and sexy walk options. yay!

Get Abyss at Ambergris Deadly Fashions and my OnRez Storefront.
The skinny on ELDEX!
Please Click Here and you can be buying/selling lindens in minutes. Compare with other exchanges! Fast turnaround, no exhorbidant fees, ease of use and excellent customer service.

I sold lindens this morning and had my money sent to my paypal account within the hour!
I have been using Eldex for about a year with no problems. They are official API Partners approved and certified by Linden Lab, and you can read all about it on the site if you wish.
kudos to Eldex CEO Abba Rau and his fantastic team :)

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