Breezy and Books

Playing around with the properties of flex prims has always been a source of fun for me. This latest LBD design is the result of my recent experimenting

With a flick and a flirt, this skirt moves and dances with you, if you are just walking, posing or doing a dynamic duet with your sweety. Check below the fold for more details, pictures, and a links to Ambergris Fashion “Books”.

See what you’ve been missing and/or add to your Shopping Lists! Pass them along ~ tell a Friend :)


BreezyFORUM BreezyPIC

Lacy textures with a satiny sheen, all tied up in front and back, crosstied straps. The hair pictured is from Calico, The skin from Starlet, shoes from Sylfie. And of course Breezy comes with matching panties ;)

Get Breezy at Ambergris Main Store and my OnRez Storefront.

Ambergris Fashion Books!
1. Summer Postcard
2. Ambergris Addicts Fashion Police
3. Passion For Fashion

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