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Summer roses! A barely-there 6-pak of colorful tops, featuring rose texturing and semi-sheer panesl in the back. Coupled with a pair of Lickety Slick Goth Trou


Colors: Red, Purple, Pink, Green, Gold and Blue

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A quirky little gown for those singular moments.

Jewel accents on the bodice and the skirt and prim textures, matching odd little gloves ;)
Available in four colors! Blue, Green, Purple and Red

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Abyss 2-in-1

This design is a collaboration with a wild bunch of the Ambergris Addicts! I had completed the top and matching gloves, and then got stuck for ideas.

I asked the group for a little help :) They decided on a teeny mini, matching capris and put in a request for Green and HOT Pink ~ the original design being in Red.

The end result: Abyss!

Peek below the fold for pictures, and information on one of SL’s best kept secrets: Eldex ~ where you can buy and sell Lindens in the blink of an eye

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Breezy and Books

Playing around with the properties of flex prims has always been a source of fun for me. This latest LBD design is the result of my recent experimenting

With a flick and a flirt, this skirt moves and dances with you, if you are just walking, posing or doing a dynamic duet with your sweety. Check below the fold for more details, pictures, and a links to Ambergris Fashion “Books”.

See what you’ve been missing and/or add to your Shopping Lists! Pass them along ~ tell a Friend :)

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Intense for Everyone

I DO make menswear! In fact I have a whole Men’s Dept in my store :) I also make unisex designs and this latest one is a mix of both hehe!

Slick top and trou with lots of details. 2-in-1! Included you get a version for the Guys and one for the Girls.
Buy for yourself, and give the other as a gift

Great for couples too and priced right with plenty left over for accessories ;)

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Celebrate Summer in this sassy cute mini!

Peek-a-Boo top, detailed texturing throughout, matching bangle included.

Available in 4 colors: Blue, Gold, Red and Purple
priced to mix and match!

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Fling for the 4th!

Celebrate with this Two-In-One design, red white and blue!

You get:
Red Jacket
Blue Jacket
Belted Blue Mini w/matching flexy bouncy flouncy prim mini
Belted Red Mini w/matching flexy bouncy flouncy prim mini
White Bikini style Shirt
FREE Sparklers!

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