Monthly Archives: June 2008


Another addition to my NO Flexy ~ SO Sexy collection of adorable little dresses ;)

Sexy, strappy and with those little details to delight
Available in 4 Summer colors: Aqua, Gold, Pink and Red

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Kitty Collar

For those purr-fect moments.

Of course this lovely little collar can be for anyone :) Studded leather collar with flexi bow.

Includes color-change script to match your outfits, and modable to fit your neck size.

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Sexy summertime pantsuits that take you way back!

Halter-style top, low rise trou, flexy armlet sleeves, flexy bellbottom pant cuffs

Retro patterns, jewel appliques and 5 colors available: Pink (for Annya!), Green, Blue, Red and Purple

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Adorable Rouge et Noir

This design is inspired by certain adorables in the Ambergris Addicts group ~ they know who they are!


Lil top with bows, matching slit mini, panties, gloves and asymetrical flexi flirty flaps!

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Starting off June with fresh Summer roses for you :)

Sexy cute mini dress with rose textures throughout.

Matching gloves, shorts-as-skirt option, and three colors available: Black, Red and Purple. Fun!

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