The Ambergris Addicts went nuts over this design and I know you will too!

I have been full of fun new ideas and have been firing up my Gimp for the ADF Summer Line; and with help, advice and those little magical touches by my Mentor and Friend Simone Stern of Simone! Design, I have been able to see these latest designs pop!



SlinkyScarletFORUM SlinkyPurpleFORUM SlinkyGreenFORUM SlinkyBlueFORUM SlinkyAquaFORUM SlinkyBlackFORUM

Yes matching ADF Boots with signature Claw Heel, walk/no walk options, and mod the top’s sleeves if you do not wish the opera length gloves. Lots of colors for everyone :) Versatility and sexy fun!

Get Sssslinky at Ambergris Main Store and also my OnRez Storefront

I have never had so much fun going back to Gimp school yay!! Thank you Simone!

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