All Cinched Up

A 5-Pak of cinchers that will be sure to add that certain je ne sais quoi to your wardrobe.

5 Colors: Blue, Purple, Red, Silver and Gold; These little outfit accoutrements come on all three upper body clothing layers for maximum versatility; Shirt/Jacket/Undershirt

I have also tossed in a pair of matching panties to complete the pack. A steal for only 225L!

Cinched 5-Pak


Yes, yes these are usually worn as outerwear – over a shirt, as an addition to a gown top or a way to spice up that jeans and tshirt look. Naturally, with the flexibility of layers included, you can go a bare as you dare ~ for those interesting occasions!

Skin by Starlet Skins from Simone! (pomegranate lipstick ~ yum!)
Grab this delicious pack at Ambergris Main Store and my very soon at my OnRez Storefront.

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