Happy Strappy Masked

The next generation to the Leather Strappy Skimpies.

Lots of sexy straps, buckles and flesh baring deliciousness!

Comes with scripted matching mask (hand held) with pose by AmberAnims, and matching ADF Boots with signature Claw Heel and walk/no walk options.

5 yummy: Scarlet, Sapphire, Onyx, Emerald and Candy

Happy Strappy


HStrappySapphireFORUM HStrappyOnyxFORUM HStrappyEmeraldFORUM HStrappyCandyFORUM

Hair is Chablis by AmberStrands, Skins by Simone!, Poses by AmberAnims

Available at Ambergris Main Store and my OnRez Storefront

Passion for Fashion? Get Ambergris Vintage and Favorites ~ Skimpies, Dresses, Gowns, Menswear, Freebies and Furnishing at the NEW ADF 24/7 Sale Section!

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